Trainer Series: Lloyd Ngoh is the new Coach in town!

Lloyd Ngoh Shi Kai

There is a new coach in town. His name is Lloyd Ngoh and he is power by passion. We speak to him and understand why he decided to move into coaching. Name: Lloyd Ngoh Shi Kai Founder and Head coach of Multisports Optimal Training Systems Why did you decide to take up coaching?  Back in 2007, I made an agreement with a triathlete that I would coach him if he made … Read More →

Say YES to begin fit with Michelle Lim

Michelle Lim sharing her fitness tips on

Many of us exercise to maintain our fitness, but most of us do it so we can fit into that beautiful jeans or shirt/dress that we aimed for. She was 55kg but determination and hard-work brings her to 42kg. This week we take a rest from hard running and we head towards the gym. We speak to Michelle Lim who runs a successful fitblr sharing fitness tips and her awesome … Read More →

The Life Of A Triathlete Mom – Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton "the triathlete mom"

If you had trained for Triathlon or Ironman races, you would have know how much time you spent on training. Waking up in early hours to cycle, using your lunch time for short runs and even taking a 2km swim in the evening after work. And this is not all, you also need to cater time for your social life and your love ones. So today we speak to Elizabeth Hamilton … Read More →

Review of the Linnell’s Messenger Bag

Linnell's Messenger Bag

Linnell’s Mailroom Supplies Messenger Bag Review Said bag in question Likes This bag was made to be stuffed and then some and considering that it weighs in at 550g this bag weighs (off had) easiely 2 to 3 times lighter than some of the (more mainstream branded) bags that I’ve owned! Coupled with a great shoulder pad and reflective strips, this bag is ready to roll with you on your … Read More →

Running in the corporate world: Yin Yin Boey


1.What got you started in running? Well, I never enjoyed running in school, in fact, I pretty much detested the compulsory Physical Education class in school and never had any good memories of running then. It most probably started during my college days because the first running certificate is the certificate of participation for the Larian Hijau way back in 1993. At that time it was more of a family outing, … Read More →

A Sharp Visioned Runner – Lim Ying Xian

BikeRoger Article

In this interview, we managed to spend some time with Lim Ying Xian who is our #girlpower of the week!, an IVP team Archer to talk about her love of sports: Running and Archery! 1. How did you come about running? In 2008, my JC actually set out on an ambitious fund-raising charity run, known as the SRJC Will Run. On top of the usual fund raising methods, the objective … Read More →

Featured Athlete of the Week – Charlotte Teoh

Charlotte 2

    She shares with you her love for long distance running, craftwork with bicycle accessories and how Run Bunny Run event came about! How did you come about going into(starting) long distance running?  I started running in May 2009 when Adidas was recruiting Adi-Nation running members and launched their running groups with SAFRA. At that time, I was running 8-10km once a week as a leisure runner. At a 2009 … Read More →

Disciplined, Do You Have it?


Do you have the disciplined to do all these? Swim twice a week Bike twice a week Run thrice a week plus managing a heavy work schedule. For some, this is simply too crazy to be possible, for others like Rachel Lee who just came back from her Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines swears by the word “Disciplined” in her Ironman journey. Thank you for giving us the time. Rachel, lets … Read More →

Giving up your passion?

At what age would you give up your passion? His name is Wang Sin Siang. He is aged 78. He still plays basketball every Monday and Wednesday. This video is part of the ”Home Without Walls” series by SingTel. I am very motivated by Grandpa Wang and he is right. One day, you/me will get old. But do not think about it, because if you keep thinking about it, it would only weaken … Read More →

I don’t like to wear helmet while cycling.


Helmet. That’s the most important gear that you must while cycling. It saves our life. We heard about incidents how cyclist got themselves killed during accident when they are not having a helmet. But we also heard people saying “helmets are ugly” / sometimes irritating and they look like giant mushroom on your head. So what if there is a solution to all this? Something that can protect your head and not making you looking like … Read More →

Roger is naked and he needs your help.

Naked Cool Roger

Dear Supporters of BIkeRoger, My name is Bryan. I cycle for Roger and is part of Team BikeRoger! For those who ordered items from BikeRoger.Com before, you probably have met me! (Yes i am the delivery boy! ).  We are not a big company but we are an awesome one. BikeRoger tries to provide the best services that we can to everyone of you and today, I am writing this … Read More →

Can Singapore produce top class sports talent?

Can Singapore produce top class sports talent? There have been a strong debate online about the “Singaporeaness” in the National Table Tennis team that won 2 bronze medals from the London Olympics. This post is not to argue about the “Foreign Sports Talent Scheme” but because I got interested to find out why the Chinese are such good table-tennis players, Why the top sprinters are from Jamaica? And I found 2 very interesting videos from … Read More →

The french partyboy-athlete JC (Watch out, he’s FAST!)


In this week’s edition of #Notsoordinary, JC tells you how he balances his social-working life, trainings and achieving mind-blowing PBs in his races. What got you started in running/tri?  I came to Singapore in January 2011 and a month later i decided to work my legs and head out for a jog. About 15 minutes into the run i felt like dying. I told myself “Come on, you’re 24 years old … Read More →

BikeRoger Feature Friend – J-ING


In our very first BRFF – BikeRoger Feature Friend, we speak to J-Ing who is currently making her mark in our local triathlon scene. In a recent race, She came in first for the Metasprint Series (Triathlon) event and was also crowned the overall champion for the 16-39 years old age group. We caught up with her to understand triathlon means to her How did you first started getting into Triathlon? Getting into Triathlon was … Read More →